Welcome to The Learning Crib

Welcome to The Learning Crib

Welcome to The Learning CribWelcome to The Learning CribWelcome to The Learning Crib

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About Us


Our Mission

 To provide working families with the very best care available at the most affordable prices. 

We give working parents the comfort of knowing their child is in the best familial and academic setting. Our families have become a growing community that share similar values regarding the care and development of our little ones. 


Our Philosophy

 Children learn best in a nurturing, child-initiated play-based environment that fosters self confidence, trust, creativity, autonomy and acceptance of individual differences. We don't direct the children, but provide opportunities for them to create their own discoveries. 

Our Home

Children in our care are treated as guests in our home. We do not designate a small area for them to play and learn, rather we invite them to share in our space and activities. Our home is a warm and welcoming first-floor environment with natural light and colors that don't overwhelm.

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